Update at the farm!

Seems like the Yeti, or Abominable Snowman as kids are describing him has just arrived at NARC in time for Christmas!  Yep, we received a gorgeous male Irish Wolfhound and all the volunteers that have seen him so far, say he looks like Bumble, the abominable snowman from the Rudolf movie! 

Aphodite is doing very well, her puppies are getting very large and healthy looking, will have to post a new photo on facebook to show you how big they are getting.  Their eyes are now opened, although they still don’t see anything but will in a few days!  They are adorable, mom is doing well, getting up now when we enter the room with her food or water and comes forward to those she knows.  She still growls at strangers or new volunteers but the moment I say “non”, she stops so being a good girl – just trying to protect her puppies!  She is now coming out with me when all the dogs are in and no one else is at the rescue, baby steps for this “wild” dog!

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