Update at NARC

Well, guess I am not going to work in the flower beds tonight with this rain!!!  Thank you to everyone that brought perennials, planted 11 last night and still looking for more.  Huge property, if you have perennials you want to part with, we will take them at NARC.  Don’t mind the hard work, it’s good for the soul and muscles Ha! Ha! Ha! 

We brought in a few new dogs last week and guess what?  One of them brought in lice, yuck.  I know they don’t live on humans or in the environment but I couldn’t help but feel itchy everywhere!  I have only seen lice twice in my 8 years at NARC, a rare parasite for sure…  So, that being said, we had to doze the whole house again, an expensive little surprise let me tell you.  Now we need more advantage, multi-advantage or revolution as we have to repeat the dose in 2 weeks time to ensure we kill the larvae.  Oh the joys of taking new dogs in…  Name of the game as they say!

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