Update at NARC

We still are raising funds for Rex’s Patella surgery, getting his x-rays done this week, starting the process immediately.  We also have a few new dogs to spay/neuter, few need dental cleaning, one has a hernia to be removed, shots to be done, etc…  They are so sweet, little angels watching over us and pulling at our heart strings.  They are puppy mill dogs, they are coming around slowly and of course, a few have stolen our hearts already.  One of the female puggles has gotten to me and so have 2 of the miniature pinchers.  The puggle is so sweet, although very submissive, she now comes for cuddles and goes on her back for a nice belly rub, she has started giving me kisses and is just too adorable.  Although, she will have to wait for her spay as she is quite healthy and young, a few of her mates need immediate attention and are going to the vet’s tomorrow for surgeries (Spay, Dental, Shots, Check-up, etc…)!  Pictures coming shortly of our little angels and in a few weeks time, if you are looking for a smaller breed dog – come and visit us to meet our new babies!

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