Today’s Garage Sale

A huge thank you to all that donated items to today’s garage sale and of course to our wonderful volunteers who were there last night setting up and again bright and early this morning to finish the set up and be at the sale. We raised $283 and also ended up with many new items for either our next garage sale or on-line auctions! At the end, many of the vendors gave what they hadn’t sold to NARC so we loaded it and brought it in our shed for other events. As I said to most who brought items to NARC or the vendors who gave today, what we can’t sell to raise funds for NARC in either Garage Sales or On-Line Auctions will either end up in a group home (already donated some dishes, cushions and such to them today!), Cuba such as shoes donated or to families in need in the area! Your scrap is always someone else’s treasure – don’t throw out – donate and we’ll take care of the rest!!!

We still have the three sets of skis, will prepare a “for sale” area on our website soon to show you pictures of some of the items that are up for grabs throughout the year. Thank you again all for your support and always being there when we need you – YOU ARE AMAZING and the doggies here really appreciate it, if they could tell you – well, they can and will either lick your face off our snuggle with you when you visit!

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