Scruffy at the vet’s today – funds needed please!

Way too often, we get dogs that are in rough shape and very rarely actually post pictures of how they come in to us…not to break your heart but we are in desperate need of financial assistant for our veterinary care and decided to show you why!! Here is Scruffy, picked up last night at 9pm at a pound, approx. 13 weeks old and already has had a bad and abusive life… He has scabies, matted hair, eye infection, need to be protected against parvo, etc… We have had a rough month with very ill dogs and are in need of funds for his vetting and for others. We have 3 dogs at the vet’s for tomorrow’s surgeries and need your help! We also need foster homes, to care for these fur-babies in time of need… If you can find it in your heart to help us at this time, please do so. You can e-transfer to, credit card through paypal at or contact our veterinary, Blackburn Animal Hospital 613-590-0466 and place monies on NARC’s account which is in the negative right now. We use our paypal account monthly to pay our veterinaries in the United States which is also urgently needed.

Scruffy went to the vet’s this morning and has received his Rabies, DAPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Para-influenza and Parvo) plus an ivermectin shot today to help his little immune system fight the scabies. He is due for other boosters in 2 weeks and also a daily medicated bath which he is in the process of getting as I type. We will have to shave all his hair off being he is so matted but in a few weeks, he will be a cute little lively puppy again – we hope!

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