Ready for the weekend!

First I would like to say that we could use a few new mops, brooms and mop pales for the rescue.  We are getting ready for another hard working weekend ahead.  Bought paint rollers and getting ready to start painting the rescue facility this weekend.  Lowes is coming to start building our gazebo connecting both the NARC building to the side trailer, giving us more room for clients visiting this winter.  Can’t wait to see the end results, will take pictures and share them as the work is progressing.  Together, we are also painting, closing off the back decks so we have less shoveling this winter and reducing the winter cold from coming in through the doggy trap door.  Many projects on the go, last weekend we put new gravel in front of NARC, this weekend we need to level it out and pact it down so that the plow this winter doesn’t push it around…  Go Go Go, let’s get this party started tomorrow bright and early in hopes of getting a few major projects done before winter.  If you are visiting in the next few weeks, please drive and park on the new gravel, only cars will help pact it down!

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