Puppies, Puppies and more Puppies

We are going to the vet’s tonight with Bo the Golden Lab and Beenie the Black Field Lab for their 1st DA2PP and check-up tonight.  Also bringing the 2 girls we have left from Tiffany’s litter back for their second shots tonight.  Then we have Juno and Philomena going for their surgeries, dropping them off on Wednesday, Juno for his neuter and Philomena for her spay, rabies and DA2PP.  And saturday morning will be quite busy, bringing Abigail’s 4 puppies for their 1st DA2PP as they are turning 6 weeks and also bringing Isis’ 9 puppies for their 1st DA2PP.  Car will certainly be full of little ones – too cute but will be leaving us shortly after their shots.  Come and claim your puppy this weekend so that in 2 weeks time you have the one you want!

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