Pet Expo

We were invited at the Pet Expo to show off a few of our “groomed” rescues, we went today with Karly and Sophie, all dressed up for their “show and tell”.  They were amazing, saw a pig and other animals, said hello to everyone they met, walked nicely on the leash through all the people and doggies around.  They were just so well behaved!  We had fun, walked and talked about NARC to the visitors around the gaming area.  Going back tomorrow with Tammy, she is at TLC Grooming now for a nice groom, will also probably bring Ezmira, need to give her a nice bath tonight and off we go tomorrow for 10:30 am for our next show at the Pet Expo.  It was fun and I am sure Sophie and Karly think the same!   If you are at the Pet Expo tomorrow morning, come say Hi, we will be there for 10:15am till approximately noon!

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