New plumbing at NARC

We had all the plumbing redone at the rescue, not sure why we didn’t think of this before, would have saved a few winters of major hydro costs from the heaters under the modular home and headaches.  On Friday, the heater under the modular home blew, not only did it shut off it’s own breaker but also shut off the whole electrical panel…  That being said, when I got home, we had frozen pipes and no water at NARC – had to happen in this – the coldest weather ever!  I spent my evening under the modular home, heating the main water pipe so we could get water again – it worked.  I really didn’t enjoy being in a crawl space, at -30 for over 3 hours, in the dark!!  Anyways, I then decided to eliminate all the plumbing from under the house, first off it was all frozen with no way of using it again and secondly, it would eliminate all the heat trace wires, heaters and major costs we’ve been having every winter!  We temporarily installed a cold and hot trap inside near the pump to give us water for the weekend until the plumber came on Monday and installed new pipes inside and re-connected everything from scratch.  Why didn’t I think of this before?  Finally had to get mad at the system to think straight!?  Anyhoo, all works now, no longer have 30 heat trace cables plugged in and sucking up hydro and two 240 volt heaters are also disconnected and not needed – will save us some $$ this winter!  Maybe I won’t need that basement after all.. although it would make it nice and spacious if we could get a foundation in!!!  Let’s all wish for a new foundation for this coming year for NARC and make it our new years resolution in getting it done!

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