New girls have arrived

We got two new girls this weekend, very cute and lovable. They look mixed bull terrier, will post pictures under available soon hopefully today – they are too cute! The puppies are all doing well, getting tons of love and affection, we had a few that had the kennel cough and were on antibiotics but they are feeling better, energetic and playfull so I can finally worry less! Coco is gone in a foster home and same as Marcie, hopefully their fosters love them and keep them – only time will tell! My boy Baldwin is still with us looking for his forever home, he is such a great beast – yep, we call him the beast as he is quite large now that he has gained weight and looks amazing! Quite the sucky boy! We are surprised no one has come forward for Nooky and Cyan, although with all the new puppies, must be hard to select – they are amazing little boys and we are sure their new family will be very impressed!

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