New doggies have arrived!

I picked up 5 dogs from an SPCA this morning, a male Shih-Tzu puppy with a neurological disorder, he is so cute and sweet but does have a funny walk. He does come to you and is clean in his crate and in our home, just needs a special family who may want to carry him up and down the stairs. Not sure if he can do them himself but would be worried he would fall down and hurt himself due to his neurological disorder which makes his limbs not really follow his mind. You can’t not fall in love with the little guy! Another male Shih-poo, cute as a button, wait till you see the pictures, he is active, already got loose at the farm and came running to me to be picked up. He crosses his legs when I carry him around just like we’ve been doing this together for years, he really bonded quickly to me such as my little Neurological guy which I think I will be calling Neuro. We have a puppy boston mixed female, she is 4 months old, active and very loving, she is all black and so cute! A male schnauzer who seems to be very quiet, although he got excited when we got home and barked a bit, otherwise he remained quiet for the rest of the day. A male Chihuahua who looks identical to Skippy, very cute and friendly, got along well with the others today and seems to be doing well with us.

Then, I drove to Montreal after a day of NARC client visits and picked up 3 Cane Corsos, one who is ill and on IV right now so not sure if she will recover but the other 2 seem active, lively and healthy. They were certainly full of worms, I dewormed them with Strongid-T and will leave them in a small pen tomorrow so they can pass their worms without passing them to the other rescues!

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