Need Funds for Inka

Even after years of rescuing, spending thousands of dollars on neglected dogs, I still don’t get how someone could not feed their dog!?  Inka came in pregnant, although we were told she was a male un-altered… everyone makes mistakes but this one is quite big considering she was underweight during pregnancy and actually due in a few days!!  Not that they could have done much to help with the malnutrition part being that she did give birth a few days after we picked her up but…  We had to rush her to the emergency with her puppies which we were feeding every few hours by bottle as they were born mal-nourished, skinny, cold (yes, they were litterally cold to the touch!) and way too underweight to start up their new life!  Inka was completely matted and when we groomed her the day she arrived, we found she had quite a few bloody patches underneath all those matts.  She needed medical attention for her fever, bloody patch, whole in hind leg, dehydration, mal-nutrition and the list goes on!  She was placed on IV for a few days with strong medications through IV.  She was such a strong little girl, I strongly believe and know by experience with the many sicklings we receive that when they have someone to love them, they will fight for their lives!  As long as they have someone by their sides, kissing, speaking sweet words, massaging, etc…  I spent a few days checking her IV drip, giving her antibiotics that were prescribed by our vet, putting medicated cream on her bloody patches and force feeding her!  Inka is now doing better, she has not pulled through completely yet but we have faith that she will…  She is going for short walks at the farm without other pets around to get her too excited, living in my home until she has gained the much deserved weight and her fever completely goes.  She also had the flu, infection in her vulva and needed 5 stitches on her hind leg.  All in all, she is worth all the time, effort, money placed into her, she is such a loving little girl who actually tells her story to family and friends when she meets them!  Yet, this is not all, we also need to raise funds to get her spayed, get her shots updated when the time is right – hopefully in a months time when she is fully recovered from all the drama and pain she has been put through.  I’m not only talking about physical pain but mental pain too by loosing all of her puppies at once and crying trying to find them.  Some of you out there may think dogs don’t have feelings but I can prove you otherwise, they do cry such as humans and do feel such as we do… You know, if you can’t care for your pet, why are you getting one in the first place?  She can’t speak for herself so I am her voice today, she suffered terribly for no reason other than neglect and it just repulses me to know there are people out there that actually don’t care and are placing dogs such as her, perfect little creatures who want to please and adore you – through all of this.  Lets all send our little Inka our best wishes so that she becomes a strong and healthy dog and then that she finds the perfect home who will spoil her rotten so that she never sees or feels pain again!  I love you Inka and I will stand by your side through all of this!

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