Navan Garage Sale & On-Line Auction

We are preparing for the Navan Garage Sale on June 15th, will be there from 9am to 2pm, location to come but probably at the arena in Navan. Also would like to hold the next on-line auction on our website due to clients request (those that don’t have facebook). We are hoping to get that organized by the end of the month. If you wish to donate items for either the garage sale or on-line auction, it is now time to do so. Thank you to those who have donated items for our last two on-line auctions, they were great and sold very well, raising funds for our babies!

We have many plastic crates for sale, from the critter size – x-small up to medium/large, we will bring many at the garage sale and may put a few in the on-line auction… but if you need a crate, come see us on weekends between 1-3pm or call to see if someone is available during the week to meet you! We need to give them a good wash as they were in the garage all winter but they should be ready and non-dusty this weekend lol.

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