Motherhood to the extreme!

Abigail is really the best mother doggy we have all ever seen but… she often makes us gag that’s for sure!  Motherhood to the extreme, puppies are 6 weeks and a few days old, usually mommies stop eating poop at approx 5 weeks when the poop is solid and the puppies are eating and drinking but…  Abigail still likes to gobble it all down and at times I’ve seen a few volunteers gag at the whole process Ha! Ha! Ha!  Well, at least the room is clean for us when we go in there, except for a few pipis on the paper, there is never poop to pick up lol.  OK, I know it’s gross but really had to share this as we’ve never – even seen this before!!  Our doggies also love their Kuranda Beds – thank you to those who have donated a bed to one of our rescues!

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