More projects finished

Helene came to help me during the day Monday and Tuesday to install the siding on the new extention, move the left over siding out of the driveway and continue cleaning the trailer!  See pictures below of our progress with the siding, only the small top side to finish now which will have to wait for the weekend as daylight hours are short now and when we get home from work – it is DARK!!!  We also installed christmas lights, not really for decoration but more to give us light outside during winter months – until we can find an electrician to come and help with permanent lighting that is!!  On Monday night, both of us and Amelie kept on with cleaning the trailer – will take pictures of that shortly to show you our progress but it’s looking good!  Now we have room for our wood for the winter and more…  We have enough paper journal so are asking people to stop bringing some for now.IMG_0256_JPG



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