Metal for roof & equipment arrived

Our metal sheets have arrived with the soffits and accessories needed to finish the roof, install soffits, etc… $2,115.76 for everything (40 metal sheets, roof pitch, soffits, L-Caps for 2×4 & to hold soffits on wall, screws with rubber lining specially made for metal sheet installation, delivery, metal cut to 9′ to fit our pitch…). A very good deal but now to find people to come and install it – for free!? We have a few volunteers coming this weekend, hoping they can finish it then otherwise we will need not only someone to continue or finish the job this week but funds to pay them! All the funds raised from the “raise the roof” campaign/walkathon are spent on trusses and materials already so we are needing more financial help to get this roof finished once and for all! We are at the last step, lacking some money for insulation which is at a cost of $1,200 with taxes. And if we can raise another $1,000 on top of that, I am sure we would be able to find a few guys to finish installation and insulation! I will take pictures this weekend of the trusses now installed and guy starting on the metal sheet installation so you see what you have put your money into! We are accepting Home Depot gift cards, some clients are helping with this to help pay the insulation and screws/nails needed for the dog houses, can be Lowes or any other store that sells construction materials.

Thank you again to all that have helped with this project, I really don’t know what I would do without all of you out there supporting our wonderful rescue! NARC and I are spoiled, to have such great people surrounding us, volunteers who not only dedicate their spare time at NARC but take doggies/bunnies/animals home to foster, give some of their funds to help with renovations, projects, surgeries… I never thought that opening this rescue would actually expand my family – it has and I am not only proud but very happy to represent all of you for NARC!

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