Kids are amazing!

We often have kids coming to donate to NARC, as young as 2 years of age which always makes me feel so proud of our young generation!  A few of our cliets daughters always ask for NARC gifts for their birtdays and bring over the donations they have received.  We have a young boy celebrating his b-day this weekend, donations to NARC is his request and he will be dropping them off sometime next week.  We had a young 2 year old lately that came and donated some items she raised funds for and now… 

As some of you may recall, we were one of the charities selected for the Fundraising at Avalon Public School and they have presented us with a cheque earlier this week – we are so proud of all of them for having supported two charities in their community!  I wasn’t able to go personally, Dave represented NARC twice at this event.  But, I do wish to send out a big THANK YOU personally and from all volunteers.  We send you big HUGS and KISSES from all the pooches we have at the farm!


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