How to Help! Trusses installed – YIPEE

We have had many calls, e-mails, posts on our website and more calls asking us how you can help with this case and court date coming in December.  Well, if you wish to write a letter expressing your feelings and what you thought and most of you still think of NARC – by all means.  We are sure if we get our clients to talk for us, it will help!  We already have our volunteers that have written up recommendation letters, our vet’s, regular visiting clients and foster homes have done so too.   We thank you so much for your on-going support, donations to “raise the roof” lately and yes, the trusses are installed so YOU DID “raise the roof”.

This is a rescue, yes, but anyone who has come here to visit or adopt sees and have seen that we know our dogs well and they have bonded with us.  Some of you have seen them get loose at times, go for a spin around the property but not run away – that alone says a lot… people say dogs can’t speak, well, they were found as strays yet don’t stray from NARC?  Don’t you think this is speaking out – quite loudly!

We are not perfect, no one is but we do give our best and if it wasn’t for us – your adopted NARC dog would have been euthanized!  Now, many are being euthanized every week being that we can’t pick them up due to all of this!  We need to stop this from happening and get back out there…

Another note, never feel shy in popping in, we are opened sat and sun between 1pm and 3pm so feel free to come and ask questions, talk with volunteers, spend time with our pooches.  Or even better, bring your own doggies for a nice walk on our property, we have nice trails in the bush.  Most of you that know us understand we always have an open door policy but just want to tell others out there that may not know us as well – we have an open door policy – use it!  Questions about training, need help with some vetting for your NARC dog?  We are here, some call upon us and we help as much as we can but sometimes we forget to mention it – even though it is on our website, we should say it more often – we can and will help – it is what we stand by!

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