Hard working weekends coming up!

Long weekend but no time to rest, time to clean up before winter and of course get prepared for next spring and spread some gravel near the front entrance again this year.  In hopes that this spring it won’t be as muddy, it is getting better every year but still a work in progress.  Also working on the barn this long weekend, solidifying it for the winter and preparing the sheds for the hay arriving soon!  Next weekend, the porch is being built (weather permitting) and we are all so excited about all of these projects on the go.  Can’t wait to take pictures and show you the outcome.  Feel free to come and help if you wish, we will certainly find you something to do Ha! Ha!  Next Sunday is also “PAINT THE HOUSE” day, we have paint donations from Lowes and will be painting the whole inside of NARC again this year!  Yep, only a year since we painted but this house certainly does get used and abused lol.  Will take progress pictures for you all to see!

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