Happy Thanks Giving!

We give thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers, customers, friends and family who always bring dog food, Javex, mops, items for our auctions and of course, love/cuddles for our wonderful poopies.  Also thanks to being a home based rescue where our doggies were priviledge and spent the day outside, basking in the sun on this wonderful and warm Thanks Giving day… not caged all day due to staff being off!  We’ve worked hard all weekend, preparing for winter and give thanks to all the wonderful people who came and helped with the projects at hand.  Gravel spread in front of the modular home so that in spring it’s not as muddy, barn dug out, gravel spread inside and now for the cement truck this week to finish off the “Barn” Project.  Next weekend another big event, building the gazebo attached to the front entrance, painting inside NARC and of course preparing for our WALKATHON the following weekend.  Yep, don’t forget our Spooky Woods Doggy Walkathon on October 25th.  We will have a few spooky ghosts and gobblins walking the woods so beware WHOOAAA-HAHAHAHAH!!  Be prepared and dress up your pooches and yourself – Halloween is always the perfect time to get UGLY and SPOOOOOOKKKKKYYYYYYYYYYY….

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