Great weekend!

We worked hard and did quite a few things at the farm,my body is screaming OUCH but it feels quite good getting out there all weekend and working outside!  I’ll take pictures of the new patio area with flowers and such that we did so you can see our hard work.  Some were out front cleaning the car port as it broke this winter, others were cleaning out the 2 other sheds, we removed the drywall on the ceiling of the grooming area, the insulation will be removed today while we have the garbage bin here to discard of debris.  Many things going on!

I know it’s always nice to have a day off such as today, NARC’s doggies are fortunate that they are already out and basking in the sun…  But I always feel bad for most shelter dogs on days like these, only having cleaners come from 10am to 2pm…

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