Few things!

Don’t forget to come and join us this Saturday, April 26th from 10am to 4pm at the “One Stop Shop” at the Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena, 1450 Du Park Ave in Rockland.


Great clean up Easter weekend, we were burning what we took down from the old barn but then one of our young volunteer – Grey and his father took the rest home to hopefully re-use and re-build his barn – I love recycling so this was great!  Two full truck loads were hauled away, no longer have that pile in front of my garage YIPEE!  Also filled my SUV with the scrap metal, took it to BakerMet and got almost $40.  Another SUV full to bring once I have another day off in May…  All in all, we raked, removed the old straw from the dog houses, washed them and cleaned outside.  Always tons to do at this time of year, winter is always RUFF!  Thank you to all volunteers that helped with the clean-up, it’s not over yet but we’re getting there – still have the shed at the front of the property to attack, discard most of the items that were snow/rain abused and re-build that shed!  It will have to wait another few weekends as we are busy with the One Stop Shop this saturday and our Silent Auction next Sunday!

Demetria and the little Shih-Tzu in Navan are still on the loose, we haven’t been able to catch the shih-tzu since last Tuesday and now Demetria is lost in Orleans.  I really hope both are found soon – keep your eyes opened and if you spot any of the two, please let us know and we’ll send a volunteer to see if we can get them home!

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