Dog Found!

We have posted this dog on different Facebook pages, Kijiji, UsedOttawa, Humane Society, etc… and no one has claimed him since Saturday! He is a golden labrador, few people said they went door to door on Morewood Street to see if they could find his family and so far no one has come forward. He was found on Morewwod Street, off HWY 31 on Saturday. If anyone knows his family, please contact us at 613-834-7005.

DID YOU KNOW?: The law gives you 72 hours to claim your pet! Please ensure you do so before the 72 hours at Humane Societies and SPCA otherwise you may not be able to claim your pet afterwards. Luckily, we are not as strict with this law and have matched families with their loves ones 4-6 days after they were brought in or picked up!

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