Changes at NARC in 2015

Due to financial restraints, we have decided to change the rescue to more of a foster home based and also move to the garage once it is properly renovated!  All this to hopefully be able to rent the modular home in order to bring in funds to help maintain NARC.  My New Years resolution – NARC has to stand on it’s own two feet and I no longer can pay for the expensive hydro bills monthly, gaz, veterinary costs, wood for wood stove, website maintenance, straw for dog houses, maintenance of modular home, Electricians, Plumbers, Insurance, Strongid-T, Multi-Advantage monthly, phone, internet and the list goes on and on…  The main reason of course is that University is starting in September for my daughter and my personal finances have to be moved in that direction!  Our veterinary costs keep going up a few times a year and are no longer affordable unless we change our adoption fees which is not something we want!  We are also looking into bringing dogs in from other locations/countries where veterinary fees are way less expensive so we don’t have to worry about changing our adoption fees.  Many issues at hand for the new year!  Right now, we haven’t taken dogs from pounds in our areas due to the high veterinary costs here in Ottawa, usually surpassing our adoption fees!  We can only take in small to medium sized dogs as our re-location will not allow larger breeds.  Lots of new things happening but let’s keep an open mind and get through these changes together!

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