Amazing people!

Thank you does not even say enough of what we would like to say to the people who have come around and helped NARC this week, this year, for 9 years!! Such a small two words for the HUGE hearts out there supporting our cause… First we had this eye removal to do on top of having a Cocker Spaniel with major eye and ear infections to care for. Pulling together, a good friend of mine called our vet today and paid the invoice at the vet’s for the eye surgery, a NARC adopter paid for the Cocker’s veterinary invoice last night and another NARC adopter paid for her emergency visit last Saturday. Our Cookie Monster – yeah, you know whom you are – baking cooked good for our puppies and dropping them off every few months gave us $20 toward our vet invoices and two wonderful volunteers also pitched in! To top it all off, a young girl had a birthday wish – please donate food the the doggies at NARC as my birthday gift so just when we needed more food…. she came over last weekend and filled our buckets, brought many bags of food, cleaning products, a pale, scott towels and the list goes on – this from a child!!! I am in AWE and very emotional this week with all that has been going on – good and bad but of course the good always overcomes the bad! THANK YOU and I know for sure all of our doggies DO send you kisses and hugs – even you Danielle although we know you are allergic lol Sorry for the graphic picture of Cibelle but figures most of you would want to see what your money helped in doing. Yes it is very swollen and will look better in a few days, even more so in a few weeks. She is sleeping with us in my home for the next 10 days while recovering so she has a super clean environment to recover in! Thank you – my local heroes!!!

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