Vet’s tonight

Picked up Nick from the vet’s, they changed his ear drops as the ones we had weren’t doing the trick!  He is doing well and will be going to his home tomorrow.  Had to bring the 6 puppies at the vet’s with me at 6:30pm, Kienna’s puppies as something was definitely wrong – we lost 2 in a matter of hours today…  Nothing seemed wrong with them, gaining a lot of weight daily and drinking very well from mom, their temperatures were normal and all the signs of being healthy pups were there.  The vet said the same thing but thinks they have hypoglycemia.  He gave them caloric boosters to take a few times daily, said we could loose a puppy pretty quickly if mom is not providing enough vitamins in her milk – which seems to be the case here.  We are also giving mom some to boost her immune system and help her through all of this, I imagine feeding 8 puppies is a hard job!  So, we are down to 6 little ones, quite sad when you think of it, they were fine one moment and the next moment – gone!  After a few times of giving them the booster, you could see a change in the puppies, more energetic and running around playing which made me very happy!

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