Vet update for the week

I dropped off Mistress and Yodo this morning for their dental cleaning.  I picked up Keebee, Yoga, Sunny and Remington from the vet’s tonight, were there for their spay and neuters, shots updated.  I had asked for a urine analysis for Sunny as I was pretty sure he had a urinary tract infection and yep – he did.  He is on antibiotics for the week, he was so happy when I picked him but and excited to see me again, he really got attached to us quickly for someone who was so scared when we picked him up.  I also went back to pick up Mistress and Yodo from our other vet’s this afternoon, they got their much deserved dental cleaning and shots updated.  All in all, a good day at the vet’s, other than the urinary tract infection – all others have a thumbs up and are healthy!

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