Things needed

If you are able to donate some items, we need rubber gloves, we have none left. We are also out of Wild Oil of Oregano and Coconut Oil which we like using regularly! We always could use more paper towels to help with the cleaning and non glossy paper journal to line the crates with. If you have chains, we could use more when we tie out our doggies for an hour here and there so they can bask in the sun! Small dog houses so we can provide them with shade while they are out on hot days would also be a nice addition to our rescue. We are also always looking for small to large metal crates which would able us to rescue more doggies off of death row.

We also always need canned dog and puppy food, we have Sheenah and Twiggy on 4-5 cans at least 4 times daily, Sheenah can’t eat solid foods yet and both her and Twiggy needs to be fattened up. Sheenah eats her 5 cans, 4-5 times daily and would certainly eat more, she is Dane and certainly eats like a horse Ha! Ha! Tyler is on 2 cans at least 3 times a day to fatten him up and our little Cocotte who can only eat soft food due to her fixed lower broken jaw and all teeth removed eats her whole can daily! Monty is also on canned good while recovering from his patella surgery and to be fattened up, he only eats a small can daily but still a need!

Also, if anyone is quite handy, we still have the main entrance, grooming area and hallway to tile! Have enough plywood, may not have enough tiles for all the rooms but do have plenty for one of the larger rooms. If you wish to come and help with that, let us know in advance and I will get everything out of your way to make it easier and can start ripping out the old flooring in advance! As for the main entrance, which would have to be kept for last and either done during the week or after hours (after 3pm). This way there won’t be so much in and out and for the volunteers that do come, they could come in from the back door for a day or so while the tiles set.

We are also looking for a metal building, hopefully at least 25-30 ft wide by 30-50 foot long if anyone knows of a company that could make us a good price or even better, if we can find a company to donate one that would be priceless. I would then be able to proceed with getting hydro, water, foundation, etc.. connected or built and move NARC further back with tons more space for our doggies!

Thank you so much in advance for your support with our craziness we call our babies, our rescue, our life! We try to spoil them as much as we can and with your support are able to provide them with a safe and clean environment, walks with wonderful volunteers, tie outs to be able to bask in the sun, pools for the water lovers and those wanting to cool down on hot days, love from all of our volunteers and of course, training and kisses from their NARC mommy!

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