Roof is up! Great working weekend.

The volunteers started with installing the metal yesterday and finished today – it looks great. Next weekend we will install the soffits and get some insulation to finish our “raise the roof” project.

Things are looking up, new dog houses are coming in, Pierre is doing a great job with that and they look adorable! The tops lift up so we can easily clean inside. Can’t wait till next spring/summer to use them all Ha! Ha!

We cleaned out the sheds, took a truck load of old electronics and scrap metal off the farm. The guy said if we get more electronics, he will come this spring and donate money to NARC for all of it – making this a new fundraiser -bring us your old electronics (TV’s, Printers, etc…). Pass the word around, I know most people have an old printer or TV in the basement they don’t know what the hell to do with – old computer, radio, speakers… Name it – bring it – donate it!

The kids started decorating for christmas, the christmas tree is installed outside with lights and decorations – it looks good and next weekend we will install the christmas lights on the mobile home – should look extremely amazing when we are all done! I will post pictures shortly. Hope everyone checked out the “pictures at the farm” that we just started last week?

Eleanor and her friends gave us $300 gift cards at Home Depot which was to go for shingles but I asked them today if I could use it for the insulation and renos needed on the NARC home, need to insulate the bottom too – not just the roof! Also forgot to say that the week before, Priscille – our volunteer driver went door to door in her neighborhood with her neice to raise funds for NARC’s renovating projects, she raised $251.95. Great job girl, giving me an idea that I should go door to door here in Navan with my Daughter or a few volunteers. She took our NARC flyers and distributed them asking for donations, great idea!

On-going fundraising projects: “Empties for full tummies”, we are still taking in empty beer/wine/spritz bottles, cans as an on-going fundraiser for NARC. Holidays are coming, people will be drinking and hoping they bring us their empties. Make sure to share this with your family, friends, co-workers – get them to donate their empties to help NARC dogs!

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