Many items for SALE!

Dog runs, some store bought, some custom made by fencing company from $100 to $600.

Plastic Dog Crates of all sizes, Small $5.00, Medium $10, Large $40, Extra Large $60

4 ft x 8 ft 10 gage galvanized shelving with footings, made for a commercial warehouse but can be installed hanging from your garage ceiling and make great, sturdy storage area $75 each panel.

Fencing rolls, make an offer – one roll is of temporary fence.

Wood – lots of free pallets to build projects or burn at the cottage

up to 10 cords pre-cut burning wood $200 for the log

Available weekends mostly from 10am to 2pm, please e-mail or call to ensure we are home.  Some evenings!

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Did you know?

That Oil of Oregano is a natural antibiotic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory?  NARC has been using this magic oil for years to help our rescues better their health.  One drop on a treat, let it sit 20 minutes to absorb in the treat and they will gladly eat it.  1 drop every few days (our schedule was a drop on Mon, Wed & Fri).  It helps with skin issues, lumps and bumps on the skin, respiratory issues, kennel cough, scabies, fleas, internal and external issues, and so much more…  We personally also have been using Oil of Oregano for years to heal colds, nail fungal, warts, strep throat, etc…  Keep in mind that oils are strong, to use it on the skin you should always mix it with a carrier oil such as Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, etc…

We are not veterinarians, always consult your veterinary prior to using natural products.  You should always do a little test on yourself or your dogs skin first (mixing 1 drop of oregano to 1 tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil) prior to having them or yourself ingest it – in case of allergies or reactions.

“Certified Holistic Care Practitioner & Herbalist”

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Major renos & clean-up this long weekend

Tons of items for sale, critter cages, dog runs, fencing (gates & rolls of chain link), commercial shelving panels 10ft x 4ft, dog crates of all sizes, tons of doggy items such as shirts, bowls, etc..   Household furniture (kitchen table real wood with 4 chairs, side tables from France), dishes, etc..   We will be opening up the store at the end of the season for a few weekends once it is all fixed and placed.  Right now, we are working on the outside sheds, just build a new roof on the shed besides the house to use for storage – next step is to re-build the roof of the shed at the back (it crumbled with the 2 ft of snow this winter).  Lots of work getting done at the farm to open up the store to raise funds for our fur-babies.  I know we haven’t maintained the website in quite some time but that is because the dogs come in and leave us as quickly as they get here…  We haven’t had time to post them as there is no need – and it is a very quiet year.  We have been recommending to people to send their adoption questionnaire with their pooch of choice and we will contact you once one arrives.  Basically have been working on waiting lists the last 3-4 years.  Thank you to those who are helping and have helped with our on-going projects for NARC.  We appreciate your donations, time spent cleaning and re-organizing, renovating and just being there for us!

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Happy New Year everyone!

A big thank you to everyone who have helped us during the 2018 year in either providing much needed dog food, helping with our veterinary expenses, volunteering, fostering and so much more.  We can’t do this without all of you and your help, we are looking forward to another great year ahead…  May 2019 bring joy, love, friendships and a new rescue fur-baby in your life to fill your heart!  If you do not see the dog you wish with us, let us know and we will guide you to other wonderful rescues out there who may have the fur-friend you are looking for!

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Adoption day went very well

Pretty much all of our big doggies are homed, the boxers are gone, Yogi is also being picked up tomorrow – overall it went pretty well considering Ottawa was in a frenzy and no hydro anywhere in the West End… Back to being quiet again, until the next call from our pounds – hopefully this time it goes back to the regular 1 dog here and there! Thank you to everyone that came and helped, you guys ROCK! Down to the 4 puppies – anyone looking for a pup???

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Scruffy at the vet’s today – funds needed please!

Way too often, we get dogs that are in rough shape and very rarely actually post pictures of how they come in to us…not to break your heart but we are in desperate need of financial assistant for our veterinary care and decided to show you why!! Here is Scruffy, picked up last night at 9pm at a pound, approx. 13 weeks old and already has had a bad and abusive life… He has scabies, matted hair, eye infection, need to be protected against parvo, etc… We have had a rough month with very ill dogs and are in need of funds for his vetting and for others. We have 3 dogs at the vet’s for tomorrow’s surgeries and need your help! We also need foster homes, to care for these fur-babies in time of need… If you can find it in your heart to help us at this time, please do so. You can e-transfer to, credit card through paypal at or contact our veterinary, Blackburn Animal Hospital 613-590-0466 and place monies on NARC’s account which is in the negative right now. We use our paypal account monthly to pay our veterinaries in the United States which is also urgently needed.

Scruffy went to the vet’s this morning and has received his Rabies, DAPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Para-influenza and Parvo) plus an ivermectin shot today to help his little immune system fight the scabies. He is due for other boosters in 2 weeks and also a daily medicated bath which he is in the process of getting as I type. We will have to shave all his hair off being he is so matted but in a few weeks, he will be a cute little lively puppy again – we hope!

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Only a few puppies left

We still have a few of the Coonhound puppies left for adoption, send your adoption questionnaire quickly before they are all adopted, they are super cute. We will be free Wednesday evening at 7pm if you wish to meet them. Keep in mind we need your questionnaire in order to meet any of our rescues!

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Poopers oops Puppies for adoption

Oh my, Oh my, too cute for words, pictures coming shortly of our 7 little 8 week old puppies for adoption. Mom is a American English Coonhound – two have the Basset Hound front legs. Very sweet, paper trained and ready to go go.

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Bowie has been found

Our lost boy was finally caught in Brampton and is on his way home to Ottawa soon. Went to the vet’s there to see if he is OK, other than being a bit skinny from over 2 weeks on the streets and an eye infection, he will recoup quickly and gain the much needed pounds while in foster. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers for helping in finding him!

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Foster homes always needed

We are always looking for wonderful families to foster one of our pooches until they find homes. We have a special case now, possibly pregnant dog looking for a 4 month foster home. Contact us to be PART or NARC!

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