Major renos & clean-up this long weekend

Tons of items for sale, critter cages, dog runs, fencing (gates & rolls of chain link), commercial shelving panels 10ft x 4ft, dog crates of all sizes, tons of doggy items such as shirts, bowls, etc..   Household furniture (kitchen table real wood with 4 chairs, side tables from France), dishes, etc..   We will be opening up the store at the end of the season for a few weekends once it is all fixed and placed.  Right now, we are working on the outside sheds, just build a new roof on the shed besides the house to use for storage – next step is to re-build the roof of the shed at the back (it crumbled with the 2 ft of snow this winter).  Lots of work getting done at the farm to open up the store to raise funds for our fur-babies.  I know we haven’t maintained the website in quite some time but that is because the dogs come in and leave us as quickly as they get here…  We haven’t had time to post them as there is no need – and it is a very quiet year.  We have been recommending to people to send their adoption questionnaire with their pooch of choice and we will contact you once one arrives.  Basically have been working on waiting lists the last 3-4 years.  Thank you to those who are helping and have helped with our on-going projects for NARC.  We appreciate your donations, time spent cleaning and re-organizing, renovating and just being there for us!

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