Busy weekend

We have people going to meet Maggie, Nala & Jeep this weekend. Our foster homes are going to be quite busy with clients, if you wish to meet any of our little guys, now is the time to set something up before they get scooped up!

We are also in need of foster homes for small/medium dogs, also could use 1 for a German Sheppard that will be euthanized if we don’t go get him by Sunday! Please help us in opening your home to a foster fur-baby! Call us or e-mail fostering@narc-charity.ca.

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Still working on the sheds

We are looking for Trusses, 14 x 28 ft shed, we have removed it’s old sinking roof and are now ready to get some trusses and re-build the roof. We have the shingles, plywood but are still trying to find trusses that fit. They will come, we are always lucky that way!!! Still need some help before winter hits so if you know about framing or construction and wish to work on weekends, let us know!

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General Labour needed – Weekends

If you know of anyone looking for extra cash to help us fix sheds and our barn, let them know to give us a shout at 613-834-7005, e-mail administration@narc-charity.ca.  Need to be handy with tools, somewhat know how to erect a wall and re-frame walls.  We have all the equipment, just need a hand to get it done before winter hits.  One of the sheds will NOT make it through the winter if the roof is not fixed and re-shingled.

SHINGLES for sale, if you need shingles for a shed, garage or even your home, come and get them here – too good of a price to pass by!  We have commercial grade shingles, 4 pallets full to sell.

Cords of FireWood for sale:  if you need a few cords for this winter, we have approximately 10 cords ready to sell, very good price, $600 for the lot.  Dry, cut and ready to burn, dry for over a year.  More to come as we still have many trunks to get cut and split.  Some pieces will need a good ax, are cut to length but still not split.

Abrina Place (our thrift store) is closing soon for the winter, if you need supplies, household items, clothing or pretty much anything, it’s time now to come and visit on Wednesday evenings between 6:30pm and 8:30pm.  We will shut it all down come snowfall until next spring!  www.abrinaplace.narc-charity.ca to soon see pictures of our trinkets and treasures for sale.

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Dog food needed

We have a few doggies in foster homes and are running out of dog food!  Right now, a few are on Pedigree Vitality + for small breeds and the others are on Ceasars dry food.  We will accept any type of dry and wet dog food.  If your doggy or kitten doesn’t like the food they are on, we will also gladly accept their opened bags.  Thank you for your help!

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Funds urgently needed for surgery tonight!

URGENT funds needed to hopefully save this little guinea pig named Buzz who is only 11 months old. At the vets now to have his bladder stone removed tonight as he can’t pee and is straining! See picture of his x-ray done earlier today, that white round blob is the HUGE stone that will be removed in about 1 hour. We need funds to cover his $500 surgery, already raised $100 today. Please call Tenth Line Animal Hospital 613-824-4500 with any amount you can donate, even $5.00 each can save this little guy, let’s get together for him. Hopefully we can raise enough to get him neutered also??? You can also wire transfer funds to information@narc-charity.ca, any amount will help. Thank you so much for your generosity!

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Temporary Number

We can be reached at 343-882-0955 temporarily until our 613-834-7005 is fixed and re-hooked.  Sorry about the trouble this has caused, we just found out yesterday that our line states it is disconnected but the technicians are working on it and gave us a temporary number for now.  Thank you.

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We are back on track – Dog Food needed!

They say third time is a charm…  Let’s hope we don’t have further issues with our website!!  We’ve re-gained the old and lost the new but we will re-post everything shortly.

We are in need of Dog Food, although only a few dogs to care for – lately they have all been quite large breeds and with a great appetite Ha! Ha!  We are in need of any dog or puppy food, pedigree vitality + or anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated.

We are foster based so please contact us to make an appointment to meet our rescues.  Pictures coming shortly of our few dogs for adoption but for now:

Duke Dude, Great Dane x Dalmation approx. 10 months old, super sweet but a big boy at 37kg.  Now neutered, Rabies, DAPP-L, dewormed, multi-advantage, etc…

Yoshi, 4-5 year old Pomeranian, shy with strangers at first but comes around quickly, very nice, quiet, loves attention and great with cats and other dogs.


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We are foster based

Just to let you all know that the puppies aren’t in Navan or at NARC.  All of our dogs are in foster homes all over the city.  Some of you have dropped by today expecting to meet the puppies…  Unfortunately, they are not with us to show off and they don’t have their first shots so we wouldn’t be introducing them to society even if we did have them!  Please fill the adoption questionnaire found on this site under adoption information, send it in and a volunteer will get back to you on April 4th.  They are receiving their shots on that day and when we get the vet’s thumbs up – we will start the process of calling adoptive families.  Thank you everyone for your support, the food can be dropped here at NARC and I will deliver it to our foster families.

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Puppy Chow needed this week!

Our 9 beagle puppies are growing and starting to eat, we had some puppy chow so started them on that brand but will definitely need more!  If you can donate a bag for our 9 little mouths that would be great.  You can also wire transer money to information@narc-charity.ca and a volunteer will pick up your back of choice.  Thank you so much for helping our doggies when needed, we appreciate it dearly.

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Urgent help needed – Update on Wolf

Wolf is not feeling too well, he started being sick at the vet’s yesterday, vomiting and diarrhea…  He has been prescribed 4 different medications for a gastro intestinal disorder.  Can you help us fund his veterinary care?  Already at an amount of $600.00!!  If so, please either contact Blackburn Animal Hospital at 613-590-0466 to place money on our account or send a cheque to Navan Animal Rescue Corporation, 4388 Navan Road, Navan, Ontario, K4B 1H9.  Thank you so much for your help, he is such a sweet dog and we know in a few days he will feel better.  Already late last night with the help of his medication the vomiting has stopped – a very good sign!  It will take months for him to re-gain what should be his regular body mass but we have a good foster home to take care of him.

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