Update at NARC

We have a few new pooches in foster homes that are ready for adoption although as usual, we are closed now for the holiday season. Ari is approximately 6 years old, a whippet mixed probably Rat Terrier who is super sweet, great with other dogs, ignores the bird and cats so a great addition to any family. She is in her foster home gaining weight and recovering from her spay that was done last Thursday. We also have Muller, our gorgeous 4 month old Newfoundlander x possibly German Sheppard puppy who is super sweet and affectionate. He will definitely be a big doggy, you should see the paws on him. So far, our foster homes have become foster failures and adopted their NARC dog! Muller should be leaving with his foster home soon, let us know if you wish to meet him before he goes as he will then be only available on January 9th. He has his Rabies and DA2PP shots, not neutered as he is too young yet. We have turned our rescue to a foster based environment. NARC’s modular home is closed and business hours are no longer weekends but by appointment as we have to organize visits with our foster families. Thank you everyone for leaving donations in the drop off box at the front of the property. Although the facility is closed, we still require dog/puppy food and such items to provide our foster doggies the care they need.

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CLOSED until November 21st

Hello everyone, we have placed all of our doggies in permanent or foster homes this weekend and are closed until November 21st. We will respond to any e-mails or phone calls the weekend of the 21st of November. Thank you and talk with you soon!

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Vet’s this week

We brought Mag-Pie and Mia to the vet’s for their spay, rabies and DA2PP on Monday, they will be ready over the weekend for adoption. Come visit us if you are looking for pooches, we have 5 doggies looking for homes or foster homes by next week! Call us if you wish to be a foster parent for the next few weeks until they find homes. It is soon time to close the modular home at the back so we are looking for foster homes during winter months so we can continue saving poopers! Thank you everyone for your help and understanding!

Also check out our Specialty Shoppe, we added new items for sale – make us an offer! We always are looking to raise funds for veterinary care.

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Vet’s this week

Just picked up Blue and Tiny from the vet’s, both had their neuter/spay and shots, they are now home to recover. Tiny has a home lined up for early next week – we are so happy for her! Check out our Specialty Shoppe (For Sale page), we are adding things weekly to raise funds for NARC. If you need any items, please let us know and we will ensure someone is here when you wish to pick them up. Thank you again everyone for your donations and support in our excellent cause!

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Vet update

Cibelle is healing very well, we did a dye test on her other eye and haven’t seen an ulcer or cyst so she is clear and soon ready for her forever home! Colonial is doing very well too, our vet was impressed with the change in his hair and ears, although he still has stinky yeasty smelling ears and a milder infection, it is 100% better than when we got him. He will find a home soon and we will give them his ear and eye drops, his eyes are doing much better but sometimes still goopy in the mornings. Russell our Rottie looking Hound is recovering very well and will be ready Saturday for adoption if you wish to meet him!

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Vet’s this week

I am picking up Russell from the vet’s tonight, dropped him off last night for his neuter, rabies, DA2PP – he is an approx. 7 months old Coon Hound – looks like a Rottweiller but definitely barks like a hound lol. Bringing Cibelle to have her eye examed again to see if it is healing properly and Colonial our Cocker for another ivermectin shot and check-up. Russell will be recovering this week and ready this weekend for adoption, gorgeous guy and super friendly although he still need manners on the leash – he is trainable and sweet. He will go fast!

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Amazing people!

Thank you does not even say enough of what we would like to say to the people who have come around and helped NARC this week, this year, for 9 years!! Such a small two words for the HUGE hearts out there supporting our cause… First we had this eye removal to do on top of having a Cocker Spaniel with major eye and ear infections to care for. Pulling together, a good friend of mine called our vet today and paid the invoice at the vet’s for the eye surgery, a NARC adopter paid for the Cocker’s veterinary invoice last night and another NARC adopter paid for her emergency visit last Saturday. Our Cookie Monster – yeah, you know whom you are – baking cooked good for our puppies and dropping them off every few months gave us $20 toward our vet invoices and two wonderful volunteers also pitched in! To top it all off, a young girl had a birthday wish – please donate food the the doggies at NARC as my birthday gift so just when we needed more food…. she came over last weekend and filled our buckets, brought many bags of food, cleaning products, a pale, scott towels and the list goes on – this from a child!!! I am in AWE and very emotional this week with all that has been going on – good and bad but of course the good always overcomes the bad! THANK YOU and I know for sure all of our doggies DO send you kisses and hugs – even you Danielle although we know you are allergic lol Sorry for the graphic picture of Cibelle but figures most of you would want to see what your money helped in doing. Yes it is very swollen and will look better in a few days, even more so in a few weeks. She is sleeping with us in my home for the next 10 days while recovering so she has a super clean environment to recover in! Thank you – my local heroes!!!

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Cost for Surgery

Few people asked us how much it will cost to remove our little girl’s eye, we have a quote of approx $600 plus tax and of course already owe $163.00 from her visit last Saturday. This is not counting what we already spent on Cybelle the week prior for her spay, dental cleaning and wart removed. She gave us quite a scare last time too on the surgical table so we are hoping she will make it through without issues this time around! Please forward any donations as soon as possible by wiring the money to information@narc-charity.ca or you may always contact Blackburn Animal Hospital, 613-590-0466 and use your Visa/MasterCard. Thank you and we will keep you posted on monies raised for this and how she is doing after surgery!

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Urgent Financial Help Needed!

We brought Cibelle at the vets last week for her spay, wart removal and dental cleaning. What we didn’t notice (vet included) was that she had a cyst in her left eye. Today when a client was going to have her groomed at petsmart she started yelping! He saw blood coming from her eye and rushed her to our vets who stated that she will need her eye removed this week. She is on eye drops for the weekend and returning in surgery early this week! If you are able to help, please wire money to information@narc-charity.ca or through paypal at the same e-mail address. You can also send or drop off a cheque/money at Blackburn Animal Hospital or to NARC, 4388 Navan Road, Navan, Ontario, K4B 1H9. Thank you everyone! It is not often that we call out for help with our vet care but she has already cost us so much… But she deserves it!! Such a sweet little shih-poo with tons of love to give.

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Last week for The Bay

We still have tickets for sale at $5.00, your $5.00 donation if you buy your tickets through NARC goes directly to our veterinary for vet care on our pooches. The more tickets we sell, the better chances we have in receiving 50% of tickets sales done at The Bay. Help NARC reach this goal and receive 50% of sales, the other 50% of sales goes to a very good cause “Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada”. $5.00 gives you 20% or 10% cosmetics, fragrance, furniture on September 17th, 2015 and a chance to WIN a $5,000 Shopping Spree. Contact us now or visit us this weekend to get your tickets! Spread the word to friends of family, get 5 people to give you $5.00 and we will deliver your tickets directly (in the Ottawa region).

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