New pups

Our dogs are vetted shortly after intake and are adopted pretty fast, if a doggy is of interest, please e-mail us the adoption questionnaire with a reference! We will NOT book you in to meet with our foster dog without a submitted application. All of our dogs are in foster homes and we do not want to disturb our foster families (volunteers) with too many visits… Especially since visits are mostly weekends and in their own private “me + family” time. Thank you for understanding.

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Don’t throw out – donate!

We are always selling different items to raise funds for our rescues, if you are cleaning your garage, basement, etc… think of us, we will take your un-wanted items to help our fund-raising. Thank you.

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Dog food needed

We are still almost empty on bags of dog food for our fosters, if you can donate a bag, it would be greatly appreciated.  See our new doggies up for adoption, pictures coming shortly and also our Red Ear Slider Turtle is looking for her home!

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Dog food needed

We are in need of dog and puppy food for our rescues in foster families, you can now purchase through Amazon and have it shipped to 4388 Navan Road, Navan, Ontario, K4B 1H9.  Drop if off at that address on Saturdays or even at our vet’s, Blackburn Animal Hospital.  You can wire transfer to or through paypal with the same e-mail address and one of our volunteers will go and purchase it.  We thank you in advance for your support “feeding one of our fur-babies”.  A little goes a long way and not only is it greatly appreciated but much needed.  A huge HUG from our rescued canines and volunteers!

Any brand is fine as our new dogs can be started on anything, we do have some on Pedigree Vitality +, others on Royal Canine.

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Available – pictures coming soon!

Gorgeous medium sized female, looks like a long haired Black Mouth Cur. Sandy colored, super submissive and sweet, great with other dogs and cats – amazing little sweet girl. Even the vet said she would find a home quickly as she is super nice. Approx 10 months to a year old, now recovering from her spay and will be ready this weekend for adoption! Send your adoption questionnaire found on this website to to set up an appointment to meet her.

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Foster homes needed for medium/large breeds

We are always in need of foster homes for every type of dog and right now are looking for people to care for medium sized dogs. Please e-mail us at so we can send you our foster application and let us know when you can start fostering for us. We will provide you with everything you need to care for our foster fur-friend.

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Bree’s adoption – touchy!

What a special night! I was faking a client adoption at my fosters house so that they could surprise their daughter “Morgan” by adopting themselves. So Bree, our foster fur-friend came out with her new shirt asking: “Morgan, can I please stay forever? Bree!” and after a few screeching noises from the kid, not our dog Ha! Ha! I asked Morgan if she wanted to adopt Bree! Had tears in my eyes, it was so sweet and special. Love you ladies and I can’t be more happy for you and Bree, she will bring years of joy in your lives! xox

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Poor Kenny!

He is recovering well from his front leg that was amputated mid week last week. Luckily for him, he wasn’t using his front leg so was already used to walking with three legs instead of four so he will adapt quickly. Kenny needs a special home where he will be spoiled rotten! He is arriving soon and will then be ready for some loving.

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Pyper is recovering from his neuter

Looking for a sweet little guy? Here he is and don’t wait too long as we know he will be going fast! Too adorable, too friendly, great with other dogs, our house cats, kids, everything. Loves attention and certainly loves being cradles Ha! Ha! Send along your adoption questionnaire with a reference and ask us to meet him this weekend!

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German found home

We are happy to report that someone showed up at the pound today and gave this beautiful german sheppard a permanent home so we are no longer looking for a foster home for him. Although we are still in need of fosters for other medium sized dogs, some on the smaller side too. if you want to open your home to a wonderful dog in need.

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