Doggies in Foster Homes

Everything is working out and our doggies have or are going to foster homes this week up until January 9th, 2015.  Thank you so much to those who have taken one or two doggies from NARC to make this special for them during the holidays!  We do have a few left at NARC, Petunia, Chad and Max – Callie is here but possibly leaving tonight!  If anyone out there wishes to foster one of the three left, please call us at 613-834-7005 or e-mail  We will provide food, bed, crate – basically everything and anything you need!  Here are a few pictures of our doggies in their new foster homes – happy and settled in!  We are very thankful that they will be spoiled rotten during our closed period and having Christmas diner around family members!KoronaFostered


Only 2 weekends to adopt!

Only 9 dogs left at the rescue, a 6 month old Golden Retreiver female is also ready for adoption this weekend.  We will post pictures of her soon but if you are looking for a Golden, better visit this weekend as the doggies are leaving fairly quicly!  For those who wanted to foster, we will contact you after the 14th of December if we do have dogs left to send into loving homes for a month.  So far, Tiffany, Delihla, Chad, Petunia and Max have had lots of interest so we are thinking they will find a permanent home soon.  If all goes well, we may only have Korona, Millie the puppy and our new Golden Retreiver Callie left to foster!  It will be freakishly quiet for a month here… something I am not used to Ha! Ha! Ha!

Closing soon for the holidays

Few more weekends left to meet or adopt our rescues, we are closing from December 15th and re-opening January 10th.  NARC has always closed for the Christmas holidays as it stressful enough for our dogs to move in their new homes let alone having to meet the whole family and friends coming for christmas diners and parties!  We do have a few foster homes lined up for our rescues for the month we are closed.  Giving some of our clients a great opportunity to get to know our baby for a month.  Our dogs will be leaving for their foster homes on December 14th at 3pm to be returned on the evening of January 9th or morning of January 10th…  Unless you become a foster failure of course and wish to keep our NARC dog, then we would proceed with the adoption.

Vet’s this week

Went to the vet’s with Petunia, Maximus and Delihla for their spay/neuter and shots.  Dropped them off Wednesday night and picked them up Thursday, they are recovering nicely, training well and will be ready next weekend for adoption.  They are really nice dog who love attention and cuddles!

What a wonderful Saturday night!

We went to D’Arcy McGee’s for diner on saturday night, my friend from Cuba is here so she saw a nice big restaurant for the first time, what a great first experience for her, meeting everyone in one night, a band, great ambiance, etc…  Thank you so much to the staff and owner of D’Arcy McGee’s, they raised $1,330.00 for NARC with the ticket sales – AWSOME!  A big THANK YOU HUG from all of our doggies here at NARC.

More projects finished

Helene came to help me during the day Monday and Tuesday to install the siding on the new extention, move the left over siding out of the driveway and continue cleaning the trailer!  See pictures below of our progress with the siding, only the small top side to finish now which will have to wait for the weekend as daylight hours are short now and when we get home from work – it is DARK!!!  We also installed christmas lights, not really for decoration but more to give us light outside during winter months – until we can find an electrician to come and help with permanent lighting that is!!  On Monday night, both of us and Amelie kept on with cleaning the trailer – will take pictures of that shortly to show you our progress but it’s looking good!  Now we have room for our wood for the winter and more…  We have enough paper journal so are asking people to stop bringing some for now.IMG_0256_JPG



Update at the farm

Wednesday I dropped off George at the vet’s for his neuter, went to get him last night and he is doing very well and recovering from his neuter this weekend.  George is a gorgeous 3 year old Collie mixed Border Collie.  Will post pictures soon so you can see him.

Today, cement truck came and we cemented the barn – quite the work – I am completely exhausted and it’s only 4:45pm Ha! Ha!  Raking and walking through soft cement is quite hard but we did the best we could.  It definitely will be better than it was before Ha! Ha!  Tomorrow morning we start the siding on the two extensions LOWES built us and this weekend we hopefully finish insulation and drywall inside NARC, around the new windows and ceiling in the grooming are.  Wish us luck!

The Weekend

On Friday I went to the vet’s with the last 4 Korona Puppies and they received their second DA2PP and Rabies shots.  Vet was very happy to see how healthy they were and how the scabies were completely gone. 

This weekend, went into a “finish the project” mode and finished painting parts that weren’t done in the Main Entrance.  Started re-organizing both sheds, main entrance and Gazebo at NARC.  I removed the siding in the extention (Gazebo) this weekend, slowly getting it ready to build shelving!  Lots was done but still tons to be finished.

We are looking for an electrician, if you know anyone who would like to do a little bit of work for NARC, few lights, plugs – please have them call us!  Not a big job but few hours work for sure!

Here are some pictures of one cleaned shed and Main Entrance at NARC.