All is well at NARC!

Ricky, Foxy and Molly have adapted very well to their new home, they are very sweet and lovable – they certainly got used to the baby bed very quickly Ha! Ha!  Foxy and Molly prefer I go outside with them from the back door, they actually wait inside until I step out before then following me which is cute!  And then we have Scooby, I really love this dog – can’t get enough puppy loving from him.  His paw is getting better, he did sprain it on Thrusday just before his vet appointment so of course on Friday it was all swollen but it was better by Saturday.  He is now able to put some pressure on it and run around the house.  He is a very good dog, someone will be very lucky to have him!

We still need dog food, preferably the small kibbled Beneful which is what the Chihuahuas are on now mixed with canned goods.  We are opened sat and sun between 1pm and 3pm – come meet our lovely dogs as they certainly won’t last long!

Vet’s this week – New dogs arriving

Brought Scooby and Alis at the vet’s last night for their neuter/spay and Scooby for his DA2PP and Rabies.  The surgeries are done already this morning and they are recovering for the day at the vet’s.  Will pick them up later tonight and bring them home.  Some of you may remember our little Alis from when she was placed as a puppy at NARC, she came back for her spay and is definitely not little any longer Ha! Ha!

We also have our three little dogs arriving by airplane tonight at 7:30pm.  Molly – you may have seen her rescue video on facebook, Ricky and Foxy the chihuahuas.  They have been living in NARC foster homes in BC the last week awaiting their flight to Ottawa and have done extremely well.  Fosters said they were clean in the home, sweet personalities and great on walks.  These three are available now for adoption so feel free to come and meet them this weekend, we are opened from 1pm to 3pm.  Spay/Neuter, rabies have all been done during their travel to NARC.  They have travelled a long way in the last few weeks from LA to BC with road transports, now BC to Ottawa by air.  They are actually being brought to the airport now – 11:30am and on their way to the Vancouver Airport!  Quite the challenge but it was fun to get everything organized in getting them home.

Thanks Caroline for all your hard work in organizing and going to pick them up in the US; Monika for driving a great distance to pick up Molly and bring her to the kennel; Dora for picking up Ricky and Foxy from the pound and driving them to the kennel and of course Tamara for organizing the transport for all three to finally get them close so we could cross to Canada!  All in all, we made a great team, few issues on the way but we worked it all out.  Now it’s time for Mommy Michelle to step in and do some puppy loving while they get adopted lol.

Another Success Story!

I wanted to write Navan Animal Rescue to thank them for introducing our family to Oreo.  When we met Oreo at the rescue centre we were told he had a heart condition that would only allow him to live for a couple of years.  We knew he was the dog for our family and we decided to see him through his difficult times ahead.  As it turned out, at Oreo’s first veterinary check up, he was misdiagnosed with the heart condition and was a perfectly healthy puppy!  We were overjoyed!  Oreo has become a big part of our family over the years.  He has become a therapeutic dog with the Pet Access League Society in Calgary, AB.  His amazing ability to help those in need is truly wonderful to witness.  Oreo also joins me at work in the field of disability services; Oreo’s skill as a therapeutic dog helps many of my clients relax during stressful times.  I thought it was important for the volunteers at Navan Animal Rescue to know the kind of ripple effect saving one dog’s life has had.  Sincerely, Julia.
Stanghetta, Julia & Oreo

Funds needed for a special girl!

Faith has a little tag on her right eye which we would really like to have removed.  We need financial help in order to get that done for her and rescue dogs from death row at pounds.  Either click on the Paypal account and donate or send a cheque to NARC, 4388 Navan Road, Navan, Ontario, K4B 1H9.  Most of you may not know that many pounds have pull fees, many think the dogs are free for rescues but usually we pay a fee of up to $100 per dog to save them…  Would be easier taking in releases from the public but NARC has always preferred pulling dogs from death row!  Please help and donate today towards rescuing!

Dog food needed

We are in need of Beneful dog food, beef or chicken for our little dogs and some puppy chow for the puppies in the house!  We could also use some Pedigree Vitality + for the larger dog – only Verona left in the larger breeds – for now!!!  Thank you in advance for your donations and support to NARC over the years.

Vet’s this week

We picked up Kooba and brought him to the vet’s on Friday for his check-up, rabies and DA2PP.  Poor baby was so empty that it took all weekend with regular feedings before he actually pooped.  No worries, he is finally in good hands until he finds his permanent home which we are pretty sure will be this weekend.  Too cute and sweet to pass up lol.

Update at NARC

Faith & Hope are coming around, they are loose with Tila & Casey and learning from them to come greet people at the door.  They were quite timid but now follow me everywhere, even come to volunteers and strangers.  They certainly love the kids bed we have in there and are spending their day basking in the sun coming in from the windows!  Verona our Black German Sheppard is also learning not to bark in the house, she is very sweet and affectionate.  Right now she needs a good bath but we are waiting for her to get used to NARC before stressing her even further!  At least we got all the burrs off of her and she did get a good brushing!

Changes at NARC in 2015

Due to financial restraints, we have decided to change the rescue to more of a foster home based and also move to the garage once it is properly renovated!  All this to hopefully be able to rent the modular home in order to bring in funds to help maintain NARC.  My New Years resolution – NARC has to stand on it’s own two feet and I no longer can pay for the expensive hydro bills monthly, gaz, veterinary costs, wood for wood stove, website maintenance, straw for dog houses, maintenance of modular home, Electricians, Plumbers, Insurance, Strongid-T, Multi-Advantage monthly, phone, internet and the list goes on and on…  The main reason of course is that University is starting in September for my daughter and my personal finances have to be moved in that direction!  Our veterinary costs keep going up a few times a year and are no longer affordable unless we change our adoption fees which is not something we want!  We are also looking into bringing dogs in from other locations/countries where veterinary fees are way less expensive so we don’t have to worry about changing our adoption fees.  Many issues at hand for the new year!  Right now, we haven’t taken dogs from pounds in our areas due to the high veterinary costs here in Ottawa, usually surpassing our adoption fees!  We can only take in small to medium sized dogs as our re-location will not allow larger breeds.  Lots of new things happening but let’s keep an open mind and get through these changes together!

Thanks you to our foster families

We would like to send those who have fostered our doggies for the holidays a HUGE Thank You HUG from all of us!  Of course, some of you became foster failures and adopted your NARC dog and others helped us in giving our doggies a proper x-mas in a wonderful home.  Thank you again and if you wish to foster in the future, please let us know as we are looking into steering NARC in that direction!



All of our doggies are in foster homes and we are now officially closed until January 10th, 2015.  I would like to take this moment to thank our fosters for giving our dogs an opportunity of being in a home during the Christmas holidays!  Merry Christmas a Happy New Year everyone!  See you in 2015.

For foster families, our veterinarian is Dr. Mobarak at the Blackburn Animal hospital, he also has a clinic on Bank, Bank Animal Hospital.  Our volunteers will be responding to the e-mail if you have questions or concerns.  Thank you again for giving our dogs a family life during the holidays!