Few things!

Don’t forget to come and join us this Saturday, April 26th from 10am to 4pm at the “One Stop Shop” at the Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena, 1450 Du Park Ave in Rockland.


Great clean up Easter weekend, we were burning what we took down from the old barn but then one of our young volunteer – Grey and his father took the rest home to hopefully re-use and re-build his barn – I love recycling so this was great!  Two full truck loads were hauled away, no longer have that pile in front of my garage YIPEE!  Also filled my SUV with the scrap metal, took it to BakerMet and got almost $40.  Another SUV full to bring once I have another day off in May…  All in all, we raked, removed the old straw from the dog houses, washed them and cleaned outside.  Always tons to do at this time of year, winter is always RUFF!  Thank you to all volunteers that helped with the clean-up, it’s not over yet but we’re getting there – still have the shed at the front of the property to attack, discard most of the items that were snow/rain abused and re-build that shed!  It will have to wait another few weekends as we are busy with the One Stop Shop this saturday and our Silent Auction next Sunday!

Demetria and the little Shih-Tzu in Navan are still on the loose, we haven’t been able to catch the shih-tzu since last Tuesday and now Demetria is lost in Orleans.  I really hope both are found soon – keep your eyes opened and if you spot any of the two, please let us know and we’ll send a volunteer to see if we can get them home!

LOST – Demetria

We were so happy for our beautiful Demetria over the weekend as she had found the perfect home but somehow got spooked, out of her collar and ran.  She is in the Orleans area near Avignon – Daubert – St Mark.  If you see her please call us and I will head out to get her, she is probably scared and in an area that is un-known to her right now – very scary!

Spotted – on Smith Road

A neighbour on Smith Road called to say they spotted the little Shih-Tzu on Smith Road so I left in search for it!  Last seen on the bike trail between Milton Road and 10th Line.  I parked on Milton Road and walked the whole trail to 10th Line, brought the other little girl we have here with me in case it is her friend in hopes she would come to her as she is scared of people.  The couple was very nice, looking for her too, walking the trail and driving around Smith Road (they also were parked on 10th Line so I got a ride back around to my car – thanks for that!).  I drove back slowly searching and went back, parked on 10th Line and walked the bike trail again with our little girl to leave some food still looking for the dog but it was so dark we turned around half way through.  Drove back and forth to see if I could spot it on the road but no luck.  So, had to put Finnigan’s groom aside to look for this little doggy that I haven’t once seen yet!  Supposedly it is black and white, earlier this week was seen on Navan Road with a yellow looking bandetta but today they weren’t sure if it still had a bandetta or not.  It is really scared of people so runs away when you try to come near so please call us if you see her/him and we will come with her little friend in hopes they find each other again!  Thank you guys for your call tonight, too bad we weren’t able to find her but if you spot the dog again, please let us know.  Will try to send a few volunteers tomorrow in hopes we can get her to NARC safely before either something eats her or she is smushed on the road by a car!  Keep up the good work NAVAN and passerbys - you guys are great with your stopping in and calling to inform us of this little stray doggy!

Dog on the loose

We have had a few calls yesteday and few people stopped in today saying there is a little shih-tzu or maltese with a bandetta loose on Navan Road.  A woman brought two Maltese’s here yesterday during the day, said she found them on Milton Road but while she took them out of the car, one ran away!  We have the one little girl at NARC but her partner is on the loose.  These are not NARC dogs, we are trying to find their owners, they are stray dogs for now…  The owners have 3 days to come with proof of ownership to claim their dog but if not claimed, we will get them vetted and place the one at NARC up for adoption.  Hopefully by then we will have caught the second little girl before she gets hit by a car!?  I haven’t seen her personally yet and have been driving around looking for her.  If you do see her, please bend your knees, go slowly and try to get her to come to you, she seems scared and is not coming to anyone that has actually tried to catch her!

Vet’s last night

I dropped off Chewy and Macousse for their neuter and spay last night, Macousse will also get her Rabies and DA2PP.  She will be 7 months old on April 20th, a black labrador who is now available for adoption.  She is very sweet, good dog who knows her basic commands, good with other dogs and perfect with everyone she has met, house trained, etc….  Baby Bear came with me for his shots and check up, vet gave us thumbs up, he is approx 4 months old and Newfoundland mixed.  With those paws he will surely be a big boy!  He now has his first DA2PP and Rabies, although we feel he needs a few extra pounds, we are working on it.  He is already 15kg!  He was so good at the vet’s, he was lying down on the table while I was patting his ear and belly and he just stayed put while we checked his temperature, vet did his thing and gave him both shots.  He never moved or complained, such a well behaved baby!  He is also getting better at walking on the leash, doesn’t go around me as much as he did before and stays by my right side – learning quickly!

Baby Bear

Baby Bear has gotten lost in the woods but made his way to NARC, he lost momma bear and poppa bear but will soon find his new loving family to call home.  A quick snap shot of Baby Bear’s paw – can you guess what he is?


You are right, Newfoundland puppy is at NARC.

New gifts for the auction

4 tickets (2 sets of 2) to OLT’s “Mauritius” for Thursday, May 15, 2014 and 2 tickets to “Monster Spectacular” at Canadian Tire Centre on Saturday May 24th are soon arriving.  Pictures will be posted once we receive them!  We’ll keep you updated when other gifts arrive but also look at the auction pictures as we’ve added a few items today!

Gifts are coming in weekly!

Our Silent Auction on May 4th will be fabulous!  We already have wonderful baskets, items and gift certificates to bid on with more coming in weekly….  We’ve received word that Arthur Murray’s Dance School is sending Gift Certificates for dance lessons; the Courtyard Restaurant & Mamma Grazzi’s Kitchen is donating two $50 gift letters; Canada Agriculture and Food Museum is sending passes and… watch for more to come!  Keep your eyes peeled on our Auction tab on the left hand side, pictures are posted and updated weekly!

Kienna’s puppies

Well, another 2 were born while I was at work yesterday so we are now at 8 puppies for Kienna – that is amazing.  She seems to be a wonderful mom, taking care of her babies although did look quite exhausted last night – poor baby!  They are all black with grey markings, the pinkest noses ever, too cute – wonder what they will look like in a few weeks time when their eyes open!

Bringing Isis’ last puppy for her 2nd DA2PP tonight and dropping off Bo for his neuter!

Kienna has given birth

Such an exciting day!  For those whom have met our wonderful Alaskan Husky this past week, she is not only gorgeous but was very pregnant when we picked her up last Monday, March 31st.  You can see her gorgeous face under available soon…  She has given birth overnight, woke up to 6 little baby Alaskan Huskies this morning.  We will not be showing them until they are 6 weeks old so please refrain from asking volunteers to disturb mommy and babes until they have their first shots around May 21st.  We are not sure whom the sire is but if the puppies are as nice and friendly as their mother – they will be exceptional little bundles of joy.