Vet’s this week

We brought Stash our new Schnauzer mixed Poodle to the vet’s for his neuter on Tuesday and he is now recovering at home. Lucky boy has a home lined up which is due to pick him up on Sunday! The puppies, Bonzai and Empress are doing well, have been dewormed, multi-advantage and went to the vet’s for their first DA2PP and now ready for loving homes. They will surely go fast, possibly are German Sheppard mixed?

2015 Giving Day


Join us and Hudson’s Bay on Giving Day, Thursday September 17, 2015. Purchase a $5 ticket – proceeds will be donated to Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and local community organizations such as US. Navan Animal Rescue Corporation has tickets for sale which will help you SAVE through the store, $5.00 for 20% off Hudson’s Bay Stores on Sept 17th and a chance to win a $5,000 shopping spree. Call us for your tickets today, if you can get 5 friends to give you $5 for a ticket, we will deliver them to your door – for groups of 5 only! Thank you for your support!

Vet’s last week

We brought Oggie and Molly to the vet’s for their neuter/spay and shots on Wednesday night, all went well and they are now recovering at NARC. Molly came in with many ticks which we thought we had all removed but she moved soooo much… Vet did find another two so those were taken care of and now she is tick free. Thank god for Revolution and Multi-advantage which we administer the moment we pick them up so not to contaminate the household. Only one small doggy left – Marcus for adoption – others have all found homes!

Thank you – Thank you

Last weekend was amazing, although extremely hot, quite a few clients and volunteers came by to donate bags of food so we should be good for another month! I was quite spoiled, one of our clients/friends came to visit with their NARC dog and brought me a Strawberry/Banana Smoothie from Timmies, first time having one and it was Delicious lol. Thank you again everyone – you ladies ROCK! The dogs are happy with their full bellies again for the month and Goddy is still gaining weight every week…

Dog Food Needed

Yep, again our poopers ate pretty much everything we had Ha! Ha! We are in need of Pedigree Vitality + either puppy or adult dog food, IAMS puppy or dog food, Beneful (any Beneful is fine) which we use for the small breed dogs. We do accept other brands which we mix into the blend! If you have bags your doggy doesn’t like, we will take them! You may drop off any donations at the rescue, we are opened this weekend, saturday and sunday from 1pm to 3pm, or leave it in the donations drop box at the front of the property. We will be closing on certain weekends in August for events so please have a look at this blog to find out which days we are closed! Thank you again to everyone who has been supporting us, soome for many years, not only are your donations needed but they help us drastically in being able to care for our dogs taken off death row! Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to fatten up the skinny doggies that come into our care… A HUGE thank you hug from all of our poopers at the farm!

Update at NARC

Went to pick up Charlotte from her spay on Tuesday, she is recovering very well. Also received a female black lab puppy we named Lyla who had her shots and check-up last night so is now ready for adoption this weekend. Sherlock our golden lab puppy is doing well, he is still shy with people but coming around… He is such a sweet little guy, his adult canines are coming out so if he is older than 3 months then he will remain on the small side. Vet books say when adult canines are completely out dogs are around 6-9 months of age!? His are just starting to come out so he may be around 5 months! Come meet them this weekend, both puppies will surely not stay with us very long! Also have a mixed white dog, long hound body and ears, super sweet and friendly and a Black Shepperd female. We have to give them names then bring them to the vet’s for spay/neuter, shots and check-up.

Vet’s this week!

We are going with Sherlock, our new golden puppy to the vet’s tonight for his check-up and shots. Charlotte will come along and be left there for her spay tomorrow with shots. Will be picking her up tomorrow evening after surgery. Will update you later this week! Charlotte and Sherlock will be ready for adoption this weekend – YIPEE!

Update at NARC

Well, Beans and Boomer are recovering well at the rescue, both were quite happy to be back home and walked side by side from the car into the house. They are so cute together! Seems like Beans may be leaving for his forever home once he is recovered and we have another client we are hoping will take Boomer to live on his farm! Will keep you posted…

Vet’s this week

Beans and Boomer are at the vet’s today, getting their neuter, rabies and DA2PP. They will return home to the rescue tonight for recover and should be ready for adoption as early as Sunday. Let us know if you wish to meet them, they surely will go quickly!

Dog Food Needed

We are always in need of dog food for our babies, either IAMS (puppy or large breed) or Pedigree Vitality +. We also could use leashes, dish soap and garbage bags. Thank you everyone for your support and for always thinking of NARC! Note to volunteers out there, we need help this weekend, due to all the rain the dog runs need mowing and weeding again!!!