It’s starting….

I see the goblins and ghosts getting ready this morning and brewing what I hope is morning coffee and not our visitors or volunteers!  Come and join me in the spooky woods doggy walkathon, registration starts at 9am and walk will commence at 10:30am.  I am sooooo scaarreeed about all these monsters in the back yard!


Many updates – LOST Dog

Lowes came yesterday and finished the front extention – thank you to each member of LOWES staff who came to help NARC – you guys are amazing!  Now to install siding on both projects LOWES built before winter!

Dropped off Cherry at the vet’s for her spay and at the same time brought Missy again to check her face as it is not healing right.  She is now on skin antibiotics and we were told to keep flushing it with the saline and keep creaming the area twice a day. 

LOST DOG:  Black small short haired dog was found near Jeanne D’arc last night and brought to us by a client.  If you have lost your puppy, give us a call, we will need proof of ownership (pictures, vet invoices) before releasing any dog brought into our care.

Updates at the farm!

Don’t forget to fill your pledge forms, bring them to work and have your walked pledged for this upcoming saturday’s Spooky Woods Doggy Walkathon.  We have a few zombies walking the woods who can’t wait to meet all of you WHOA HA HA HA HA!  PledgeForm2014

Lowes is almost finished their project, they are such an amazing group and a few said they would come back on Wednesday to finish off.  I can’t wait for you to see all the pictures of everthing that was going on this weekend.

I just found and of course bought a heavy duty pantry and 2 heavy duty book shelves.  Was thinking of doing wall to wall cabinets in the grooming area, well with these it will be accomplished.  They are being delivered this afternoon so will paint that wall we haven’t had time to get done over the weekend and install the new cabinetry!

So many things on the go this month, it’s AMAZING!  Thanks again to LOWES employees, our wonderful NARC volunteers whom have worked really hard the last few days prepping for painting, then re-installing everything back to it’s place!

Lowes and NARC volunteers at work!

What an amazing day – thank you LOWES for the back and front closed in decks and of course our wonderful volunteers who came and helped paint inside NARC all day.  Will post all pictures in a folder shortly so you see everything but for now, few show and tells from a few projects we did at NARC today.  All together, almost 30 people showed up to work hard today, staff from LOWES and our volunteers.  We installed the dog run that was donated yesterday, moved the huge dog house to the proper location and attached the run to it.  We painted, we built back and front entrances/decks, some racked the gravel we spread last weekend at the front of the NARC house – lots of work was done.  Although it was a pretty cold day – peopel were warm at heart!  Can’t thank everyone enough for their dedication to our rescue and a huge THANK YOU to LOWES for doing this project for us!  Our poopers send you big HUGS and drooly kisses lol


Front Deck Before

Front deck mid work

Front deck mid work

Front deck almost done

Front deck almost done

Back doggy trap door deck

Back doggy trap door deck

Back doggy trap door now closed in

Back doggy trap door now closed in

Back doggy trap door deck almost done

Back doggy trap door deck almost done

It’s starting!

The load from LOWES has arrived bright and early, 7:45am this morning so we are now ready for tomorrow’s construction day!  Can’t wait, very excited and obviously so are the doggies, they were lucky to be taken out very early this morning to bark at this tractor trailer driving in!  The weather is already nice this morning, let’s hope it stays that way for a few days!

Ready for the weekend!

First I would like to say that we could use a few new mops, brooms and mop pales for the rescue.  We are getting ready for another hard working weekend ahead.  Bought paint rollers and getting ready to start painting the rescue facility this weekend.  Lowes is coming to start building our gazebo connecting both the NARC building to the side trailer, giving us more room for clients visiting this winter.  Can’t wait to see the end results, will take pictures and share them as the work is progressing.  Together, we are also painting, closing off the back decks so we have less shoveling this winter and reducing the winter cold from coming in through the doggy trap door.  Many projects on the go, last weekend we put new gravel in front of NARC, this weekend we need to level it out and pact it down so that the plow this winter doesn’t push it around…  Go Go Go, let’s get this party started tomorrow bright and early in hopes of getting a few major projects done before winter.  If you are visiting in the next few weeks, please drive and park on the new gravel, only cars will help pact it down!


Thanks Eleanor, yes, our Spooky Woods Doggy Walkathon is on October 25th so coming up in 2 weekends – had written August for some reason – guess I was wishing my holidays to start over Ha! Ha! Ha!  Print your pledge form below and start raising funds for our wonderful poopers – sorry meant puppies lol!



Happy Thanks Giving!

We give thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers, customers, friends and family who always bring dog food, Javex, mops, items for our auctions and of course, love/cuddles for our wonderful poopies.  Also thanks to being a home based rescue where our doggies were priviledge and spent the day outside, basking in the sun on this wonderful and warm Thanks Giving day… not caged all day due to staff being off!  We’ve worked hard all weekend, preparing for winter and give thanks to all the wonderful people who came and helped with the projects at hand.  Gravel spread in front of the modular home so that in spring it’s not as muddy, barn dug out, gravel spread inside and now for the cement truck this week to finish off the “Barn” Project.  Next weekend another big event, building the gazebo attached to the front entrance, painting inside NARC and of course preparing for our WALKATHON the following weekend.  Yep, don’t forget our Spooky Woods Doggy Walkathon on October 25th.  We will have a few spooky ghosts and gobblins walking the woods so beware WHOOAAA-HAHAHAHAH!!  Be prepared and dress up your pooches and yourself – Halloween is always the perfect time to get UGLY and SPOOOOOOKKKKKYYYYYYYYYYY….

Hard working weekends coming up!

Long weekend but no time to rest, time to clean up before winter and of course get prepared for next spring and spread some gravel near the front entrance again this year.  In hopes that this spring it won’t be as muddy, it is getting better every year but still a work in progress.  Also working on the barn this long weekend, solidifying it for the winter and preparing the sheds for the hay arriving soon!  Next weekend, the porch is being built (weather permitting) and we are all so excited about all of these projects on the go.  Can’t wait to take pictures and show you the outcome.  Feel free to come and help if you wish, we will certainly find you something to do Ha! Ha!  Next Sunday is also “PAINT THE HOUSE” day, we have paint donations from Lowes and will be painting the whole inside of NARC again this year!  Yep, only a year since we painted but this house certainly does get used and abused lol.  Will take progress pictures for you all to see!