Bandit and Peewee

I dropped off both boys at the vet’s last night for their neuter this morning, Peewee is also getting his Rabies and DA2PP. They will be recovering this weekend and next week at NARC then ready for adoption. Let’s see how they are tonight!

Glebe on Saturday

It was quite the cold morning at -1, arriving at 5:30am and even with our winter coats we were frozen until the afternoon sun finally heated the area a little bit but it was worth it to raise funds for NARC. We raised $403.75 and our wonderful young Morgan came to see us and donated $55.55 for a grand total of $459.30. Still many items for sale, we will be posting some on the Facebook Garage Sales pages during summer months and also doing a few other group sales this summer. Thank you everyone who donated items, we wouldn’t be able to do this without you. Sending you big hugs and kisses from our poopers!

Vet’s this week

Went with Takeshy last night for his stitches removal, all went well and he can now go live with his family, they surely waiting a long time and are so excited to be getting him tonight! Gidian is at the vet’s getting his neuter this morning, DA2PP and Rabies, what a gorgeous dog and so well behaved, friendly – really like him. He will go fast, that is sure.

Don’t forget we are closed this Saturday, May 23rd as we have tables at the Glebe Garage Sale. I am sure we will be seeing some of you there!

We also need dog food, IAMS or Pedigree Vitality Plus – Adult & Puppy. Thank you everyone for your items for the Garage Sale, let’s hope to raise big bucks to help pay our veterinary invoices!!

Vets this week

First let me tell you that Gordee the golden labrador has been reunited with his family last night after 5 days with us. We brought Beethoven at the vet’s last night for his neuter this morning, will be picking him up later for his recovery!

Vet’s with Takeshy – AGAIN!

We went to the vet’s again last night with Takeshy for a bandage change – well, the vet said he doesn’t need another bandage so he came home without it covered. Of course he has a cone on and is not a happy doggy right now but we certainly don’t want him to go licking all day and worsten it… So, pictures below, yes I know it looks gross but in time hair will grow over it and it will be fine! Next Tuesday we are going to get his stitches removed and that’s it – Takeshy can go to his loving home!

Dog Found!

We have posted this dog on different Facebook pages, Kijiji, UsedOttawa, Humane Society, etc… and no one has claimed him since Saturday! He is a golden labrador, few people said they went door to door on Morewood Street to see if they could find his family and so far no one has come forward. He was found on Morewwod Street, off HWY 31 on Saturday. If anyone knows his family, please contact us at 613-834-7005.

DID YOU KNOW?: The law gives you 72 hours to claim your pet! Please ensure you do so before the 72 hours at Humane Societies and SPCA otherwise you may not be able to claim your pet afterwards. Luckily, we are not as strict with this law and have matched families with their loves ones 4-6 days after they were brought in or picked up!

Vet’s this week and update

Went again with Takeshy last night for a bandage change, cleaning of his surgery. He is doing well, such a big suck and now used to going in every day for bandage changes so just lies there until we are done! I also dropped off Clayton, forgot to tell you guys that I picked up 2 Canaan dogs, gorgeous and super friendly. Clayton is being neutered and will be ready this weekend for adoption, we are sure he will go quickly with those blue/white eyes! Gidian will hopefully get neutered next week! We also took in what we think is a Leonberger – he is definitely gorgeous, friendly and a big suck! Will post pictures soon of our 3 beautiful boys!

Vet update

Lots going on at the vet’s this week, our little Shih-Tzu was going in for a hernia repair and her spay… It ended up being more than that, she had pyometra which is quite dangerous in dogs so it was removed during her spay. Quite a costly little girl! She was quite happy to see me but very quiet compared to her usual self. Pongo had his neuter done, he was the only one that was awake and happy to run to the car. And our poor Takeshy had to have a bit more of his toe removed and re-stitched! He was still out of it when I arrived at the vet’s, his heart rate too low so we waited around until he came back to and finally went for a walk/pee before going home. He was so pitiful last night walking slowly and not wanting to do stairs, have to pick him up to get him in the SUV and now pick him up to get up the stairs! Then we have our little Victoria, our scabies dog who went for her Ivermectin shot, she is doing much better and although looks like a hairless dog/rat, she ends up pulling your heart strings and you can only find her cute in her ugliness Ha! Ha! Now to spoil my little Takeshy until he finds his forever home – I really love this dog!

Vet’s this week

Had to bring Takeshy back to the vet’s last night and they kept him overnight, called this morning to say they need to re-stitch his toe. Somehow when we took the bandages out, the stitching came with it!! I dropped off Maité our little Shih-Tzu that was found in Orleans a few weeks back to remove her hernia including her spay, rabies and DA2PP and also Pongo our little mixed oreo cookie for his neuter, rabies and DA2PP. I am picking them all up tonight and they will be recovering at NARC for the next week or possibly longer for Takeshy! Poor boy, he is such a sweet lad and although cried like a baby when he got a big needle last night, he was still very sweet and a suck! Great dog as most would have tried to bite our hands off!!

Garage Sale Items – Small

We are preparing for the Glebe Garage Sale on May 23rd and could use a few smaller items such as jewelry, nice clothing, shoes/boots, collars/leashes, very small items, etc…  We can’t bring larger items as we only have one vehicle and it will be already quite packed with crates and the larger items we already have on hand.  If you have a few small items, bring them to 4388 Navan Road!  You can leave them at any time in our Donations Drop Off Box at the front of the property – or drop on by, we are opened most Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm to 3pm.

As most of you know, we will attempt to sell your times for NARC quite a few times to raise funds but… if they do not sell, they will be re-donated, given to the poor or passed on to other rescues!!!  There is always someone in need out there!

Thank you again to everyone out there whom have supported us throughout the years – we have started our 9th year of business on April 24th – quite AMAZING!!