On-Line Auction starting!!!

Join us on Facebook and bid on quite a few of our items, think we have up to 80 different items to bid on.  From children’s clothing, Littlest Pet Shop items, juicer, mirror, books, doggy beds, the most comfortable Queen sheets, jewelry and so much more to choose from.  Help us raise our $3,000 goal so we can get the plumbers to fix the bathroom at NARC so that clients/volunteers can finally use the facilities there!  Have a glimpse of what we have for auction under “Auction Items” tab here on our website!


We have decided to have Halloween Doggy Walkathon this year, in the “Spooky Woods”….  Get your pledge forms, start pledging your walk now and join us in a morning of fun with clients, volunteers and meet other NARC doggies on October 25th starting at 9:30am.

Vet’s this week

I picked up Tris, Rocky and Checkers from the vet’s last night, they went for their spay/neuters, rabies, DA2PP and vet check.  They will be recovering at NARC this weekend and all of next week then posted for adoption the following weekend.  They are doing very well, with young doggies it always look like nothing happened to them when you pick them up!

Vet’s last night

Went to get Wookie and Jack at the vet’s last night, Jack was fine and it was like nothing had happened but poor Wookie…  She was all groggy and sleepy so I carried her like a baby to the car, put her on the ground at home to give her time to pee or poo, she didn’t move so I just picked her up again and brought her in.  She had quite a few extractions during her dental cleaning poor little girl and is now recovering from that and her spay for the week at NARC.  Please do not ask to see these two this weekend, it will be NO as they need their time to recover properly.  Thank you and see some of you at the Navan Fair Parade tomorrow!

Vet’s tonight

We are bringing Wookie, a tiny Yorkie mixed Shih-Tzu that may have a home lined up already, a client was really in love with our quiet girl last weekend.  She is going for her spay, dental cleaning and probably extractions from the looks of her mouth, rabies and DA2PP.  We are also bringing Jack, our new year old Golden Retreiver as we know many of our clients will want him soon, he is too adorable to pass up!  He is going for his neuter, Rabies and DA2PP.  Will let you know how they do tomorrow!

Vet’s last night

We brought the 3 new boxer mixed puppies to the vet’s for their first DA2PP shot, they turned 6 weeks on Tuesday so will be ready for adoption on Aug 9th.  Roxy had to go back to the vet’s, one stitch didn’t disolve and would have gotten infected so we had to go back.  They removed the stitch, put glue to close the little hole and off she went with antibiotics for the week to help with the healing.  She is such a baby and was crying the whole time like a child lol.  The puppies did a great job, pretty much slept through the whole thing, got their needles without a peep and came home.  They too will be on antibiotics for a week, with this crazy hot and mostly cold summer, we haven’t been closing the window on colder nights so Pink has a bit of the sniffles.  Nothing to worry about but he probably would spread it to his siblings so all three will be on antibiotics to help their little system!  Now to remember to close that window every evening – pretty cold in the country at night you know!

Boston Pizza Last Night

That was a lot of fun, I am pretty sure I am talking on behalf of all of our volunteers that attended last night, those who served and those who came with their family and friends for diner.  The staff at the Boston Pizza Rockland is amazing, really friendly and fun to work with, teaching the volunteers the ups and downs of serving at a restaurant which was pretty cool on it’s own!  I hope that our clients that attended were as happy?  All I saw was smiling faces leaving so I am pretty sure the feeling was mutual.  There was a nice band for ambiance and overall we were all quite impressed and left with tummies full!  We will do this again, probably this winter when it’s cold and grey, when it’s time to get out of the house after being locked in for too long Ha! Ha! Ha!  Thank you everyong, I will blog how much we raised the moment that Boston Pizza informs us!